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Global Dialysis has been going since 2000 and has firmly positioned itself as a leading source of information and advice about the dialysis world.  Here are a few comments from lots of happy people we have dealt with over the years:

I thank you so much for your help. I had a transplant on march 1st at Cambridge. I used your site for dialysis last year for James paget Yarmouth and Innsbruck, Austria. Great site and wish you well, please feel free to use my recommendation. Many thanks James December 2011

Thank you so much.  This is very helpful information.  I appreciate your promptness.  Thank you, thank you, thank you! Sincerely
Mary LISCW 14/12/2010 USA

Many thanks...this is such an important asset to the dialysis community! Jean MSW 13/12/2010 USA

Due to your excellent assistance, I have managed to arrange dialysis in London and in Paris without missing a beat on my dialysis schedule. "Dialysis is an opportunity to live, it is not a death sentence." I try to convey that to people having a difficult time accepting living with renal failure.  My own mother died last September while having a dialysis session.  She gave up on life shortly after learning she had to go on dialysis.I hope my taking this trip will inspire more people to be grateful for the opportunity modern medical technology offers in continuing to have a "great" life.  Thank you so very much. Suzanne L,  New Mexico, USA

"Thank you for running such a wonderful contest! What a great way for dialysis patients to see the world." DC, USA 26/11/2010


"Congratulations on your revamped site - it has a very upbeat look and feel!" Dan, US RSW 11/15/2010

@TheFlyingKidney Global Dialysis has a new website and it has a kite on the homepage, ubercool! 11/23/2010

"Congratulations on such a great site. I have just used it to find a dialysis centre near Zadar in Croatia as I am thinking of trying to organise a holiday there for my brother - and can't believe how easy it was to use!" Pearl 15/10/10

"THANK YOU for such a quick reply!· I appreciate your help; our patient will be very excited to receive this information.· I will definitely mention your services when I call to arrange treatments."
Carol, Wisconsin USA 6/10/2010

Thank you for your follow-up.· My trip was cancelled so I did not visit the dialysis center as planned.· By the way, I may have another trip aboard and will definitely consult your website.
Lawan 22/9/2010


"Just a quick thank you for the Holiday Unit Finder. It has been invaluable to me for many years now!" Hilary

15 November 2010 I 've been in Milano last week and in Munchen 3 weeks ago.  By having taken information for dialysis units from your site!!!!!!,not only for my dialysis session, but also for visiting doctors and patients for promoting our center. With Global Dialysis I 've also traveled in Kobe (Japan), Barcelona, Buenos Aires and Berlin. Manager of a Dialysis centre in Greece

June 2010 Katy, Thank you so much for this.  I was able to recommend a centre for our client, and they are very happy.  It is so good to know that there is this database for future enquiries.  Thank you for such great service.AA, Head of Operations, Private Care Company


Val passed away on Monday 9th July 2001.

She had developed a blood infection from her foot which was due to peripheral oedema which was due to pulmonary hypertension. The doctors at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital tried everything they could to stop the infection, but Val had little reserve and she had heart failure on Monday morning. She was heavily sedated and felt no pain.

A service was held at St James Church in Wollaston (near Stourbridge) on 19th July at 12:45. She was later cremated and interned at Stourbridge Crematorium.

This tribute was written by myself and Val's family. It was read by Andy Chance-Hill.

Val was an exceptional person.

Bit of a tomboy, always hanging upside down from something or swinging as high as she could on the swings. She was always scaring the park keeper.

Ballet and Dancing
Val loved dancing, she was a ballet student for most of her childhood. She was a gifted ballet dancer and would have continued into a career if it weren’t for her illness. She was accepted by the Royal Ballet School in London but couldn’t go because of kidney failure. She was never bitter though. Val later became a friend of the Birmingham Royal Ballet and would attend most performances at the Birmingham Hippodrome. She even worked there as a volunteer for a while. Many of us will remember Val dancing at our wedding - long after most of us were exhausted. She even danced to ‘Staying Alive’ by the Bee Gees on holiday in Menorca 3 weeks ago after she recovered from a small emergency.

Animals and wildlife
Val loved animals. Even as a child, she was always bringing home sick animals to nurse them. She was like this all her life. Russ remembers having to slam on the brakes many times to rescue a wandering dog or to see if an animal could be saved. Her favourite job of all time was working at the Oaks Veterinary hospital. Brian, one of the vets, recently commented that he was always amazed at how such a small thing like Val could carry such large animals. She would try everything to save an animal and would come home in tears if she lost just one pet. We ended up with quite a collection of our own. Val was always bringing home unwanted pets and at one point, we had 11 pets in a 2 bedroom house.

Gardening and plants
Most people know how passionate Val was about gardening and plants. Almost every weekend we would go to a garden centre somewhere, although we usually ended up at Ashwood nurseries. She even went to Gardeners World Live at the NEC the day before our holiday – she was determined not to miss it. In fact she only missed the show twice. I was always amazed how she knew the Latin name for every plant, but could never remember left from right. She loved plants and got very excited about finding a new plant or a good soil. She went to college for a couple of years and then onto Birmingham University to learn horticulture. She would come home excited after learning about plant cells and different types of soil and then proceed to tell me in detail.

She also had a habit of forgetting where she was going to, especially with her sister Debbie. They would be talking that much about gardening that they often ended up lost. Last year Val and Debbie went around the Wolverhampton ring road 3 times on the way to David Austen roses. They only realised when they passed the Molineux for the third time.

Val was always very artistic. She loved buying presents and would take great care in wrapping presents and writing cards. She would often draw a little flower on the card or the envelope. She also loved music, ranging from classical to motown. She could play classical music on the piano and would practice Chopin whenever she could. She also loved to sing and knew all the words to some of the most obscure songs, including all the nursery rhymes.

Val loved children and children loved her. She could remember all the childrens names and often how old they were. Children would always take to her straight away. She had such a lovely smile, that they trusted her immediately.

Many people have said to me recently that the last 14 years were the happiest they had ever seen her. I always thought how lucky I was to have met Val. We loved each other deeply and would miss each other even for a few hours. She was my soul mate and we just fitted together, almost from the day we met. She always guided me and was always there to comfort me and cheer me up. She always made me happy. Some people think I looked after Val, but I always thought that Val was looking after me. She taught me so many things and made me a better person.

Our wedding day was the most fantastic day of my life. She looked so beautiful.

About Val
How can I describe Val?

Gentle, forgiving, full of love and kindness, selfless – always putting others before herself, graceful, very strong willed, always brave, never forgot a birthday, never complained, never angry, very caring, loved life, always smiling.

Val had so many friends and she would have been very pleased that so many of her friends are here today. She would have wanted us to fill our days with happiness

Val touched everyone’s heart. She was an exceptional person and was loved by so many people. She was a gift. She will be greatly missed by us all.


Our story PDF Print E-mail

www.GlobalDialysis.com was set up in 2000 by Russell England. His wife, Val, had chronic kidney failure and needed to be on permanent haemodialysis three times per week. Val was a very energetic, lively lady and loved travelling and going away on holiday. Russell and Val found it very difficult to find out about dialysis centres around the world and set Global Dialysis up to help dialysis users around the globe be more mobile and get out and about.

This site is dedicated to Val.

The site is very much altruistic in nature.· Russell has always run it on a voluntary basis, and has never taken an income from it.· He has invested vast amounts of his personal time and money into it.

Global Dialysis is a huge directory, where dialysis centres around the world can add their details so that dialysis users can access this information when they were travelling. The site has grown and grown in popularity and has enjoyed over 500,000 visits per year. However, Russell's altruistic nature really took its toll on him and in 2009 he became very ill and the site was down for a while. He has not had the funds to develop the search facility properly and the site saw a drop.

The site is now embarking on a new exciting journey. We will be working in partnership with the many businesses we have helped to thrive over the years to run the site professionally, taking care to maintain the altruistic roots and story behind the set up.

Aims and objectives PDF Print E-mail

Global Dialysis has four main goals:

  • To improve information for dialysis users around the globe,
  • To improve access to facilities for dialysis users around the globe,
  • To strive for the highest possible quality standards in dialysis care around the globe
  • To encourage moves towards an increasingly sustainable dialysis industry

Our core values

  • To represent the needs of dialysis users across the globe, professionally
  • To understand and work with diversity of culture, creed and people of all abilities across the globe
  • To operate our website fairly and independently
  • To listen to dialysis users, enable access to current information and encourage dialogue with their medical teams to help them manage their care and make the right choices
  • To work in partnership and collabroation with dialysis centres, the dialysis industry and the people that work within it for the good of dialysis users.

Key interests of ours

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