Kagodu to inaugurate renovated dialysis ward of Wenlock today - The Hindu Print

The new ward has 12 dialysis machines, including three old ones, and a ventilator.

The renovated dialysis ward of the Government Wenlock Hospital will be formally opened by Karnataka Legislative Assembly Speaker Kagodu Thimmappa on Wednesday.

The new ward has 12 dialysis machines, including three old ones, and a ventilator. Persons with acute renal problems will undergo haemodialysis at this renovated ward. The facility is in addition to peritoneal dialysis unit, which was being used for persons with chronic renal failure.

Medical Superintendent of Hospital H.R. Rajeshwari Devi told presspersons here on Tuesday that the dialysis ward located on the second floor of the hospital was renovated at a cost of Rs. 14.5 lakh donated by Karnataka Bank. The State government has provided eight new dialysis units for this renovated ward, while one dialysis unit has been provided by the Round Table.

Dr. Devi said the renovated ward started functioning three months ago, though without formal inauguration. In the last seven months, as many as 429 patients have undergone 2,073 haemodialysis sessions. Each session would go on for nearly six hours. While dialysis was being done for free for those Below the Poverty Line families, those above the poverty line are charged Rs. 350 per dialysis.

Dr. Devi said after inaugurating the renovated ward, Mr. Thimmappa will take part in a workshop on the “Role of elected representatives in building a healthy society.” Dr. Devi added that Health and Family Welfare Minister U.T. Khader will interact with 20 patients who have undergone peritoneal dialysis at the Wenlock Hospital.

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