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Blackalicious star on dialysis after kidney failure


BLACKALICIOUS star MC GIFT OF GAB is undergoing dialysis after suffering kidney failure. The 44-year-old rapper, real name Timothy Parker, has revealed he endured a major medical crisis back in 2012 just as the band was poised to launch a comeback. The group's revival was put on hold after doctors diagnosed him with kidney failure and he spent a month in hospital, but he is now undergoing regular dialysis treatment and is ready to go back to work to launch their first album in a decade. He tells the New York Post, "I thought I had the flu, but then I realized I couldn't walk 10 steps without being exhausted... I went through a lot of things mentally. I didn't know if I could do a show or tour, but I'm on dialysis now, and I'm actually thriving." The hip-hop star goes on to reveal the experience helped shape the group's new album, Imani Vol. 1, which is due for release next month (Sep15). He adds, "Imani means faith in Swahili, and the album is about keeping your faith when you're faced with obstacles that are beyond your control."


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