The Thessaloniki Nephrology Clinic becomes our latest member
foto9The Chronic Dialysis Unit of Thessaloniki Nephrology Clinic is a state-of-the-art establishment in Neoi Epivates just half an hour away from the historic centre of Thessaloniki. It was established by a group of recognised physicians, with a view to creating professional premises that would operate as a Prototype Chronic Dialysis Centre and provide the highest level of top quality medical services. We are delighted that this prestigious clinic has decided to join the growing number of Global Dialysis Members.

The Nephrology clinic is manned by exceptional staff distinguished by their excellent scientific background and patient-friendly approach. At the same time, thanks to its state-of-the-art infrastructure, it is one of the most cutting-edge, well-organized, autonomous and reliable Chronic Dialysis centres in Greece.
The clinic provides patients with the opportunity to undergo dialysis in total comfort, confidence and safety.

A visit to the clinic does not end merely with the dialysis procedure. Specially foto1laid-out areas are available such as the unit’s cafeteria and comfortable lounges. The receptionists show visitors there with the aim of making them feel comfortable in a truly people-oriented space, which is every bit as fine as the equivalent hotel facilities. Furthermore, the good mood of the patients, relatives and friends is a determining factor.

The Thessaloniki Nephrology Clinic is in a key location by the sea in Neoi Epivates, southeast of Thessaloniki: only ten minutes from the airport, half an hour from the historic centre of Thessaloniki and one hour from the centre of Chalkidiki. It is 15 kilometres away from Thessaloniki, 10 km from the airport, 50 km from Nea Moudania, 70 km from the Municipality of Kassandra, and 85 km from Sithonia making it easily, comfortably and safely accessible from all areas.

Neoi Epivates

foto5Neoi Epivates, the well-known Bakse Tsifliki, lies between Aghia Triada and Peraia. It is one of the largest suburbs in the area and at the same time one of the well known resorts in Thessaloniki. The beaches fill up at weekends and during the summer months they are full of travellers, music and lively activity, since it is the first choice of visitors, especially young ones. Neoi Epivates combines the image of a holiday fishing village with the contemporary concept of summer fun. Recent years have seen a significant expansion in the activities of the locals in commerce, catering and the hotel sector. There is a high level of organized tourism with hotel complexes, apartments, rooms and organized entertainment.


Chalkidiki, which is a pole of attraction for a large number of tourists, boasts unique natural beauty, clean foto6beaches, beautiful little islands and villages with characteristic traditional architecture. It is a tourist destination that suits all preferences offering a combination of mountain and sea, peace and lively entertainment, ancient history and contemporary life. Despite the high number of tourists it is possible to enjoy everything: sun, sea, nature, entertainment, good food. All the lovely things that a visitor seeks coexist in perfect harmony in the Chalkidiki peninsula south east of Thessaloniki.

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