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Global Dialysis is pleased to announce that we are looking for nominations for global charities in the renal / dialysis community to support for the following year.

To maintain the site so that it provides the service that dialysis users find invaluable across the globe, we have to become self funding.  We shall be raising money through working with industry on sponsorship and advertising.  This money raised will suport a team which we are setting up to work on the site.

However, we are keen that the site neither looses its altruistic nature or become "just another directory" site.  To help us with this we are going to commit to give a percentage of the income receive to charity at the end of each each year.

We are looking for nominations from our community - do you know an excellent charity in your area? Let us know who they are.  Later on in the year we will publish the nonimations and ask our community to vote for their preferred option.

Please send your nonimations in the first instance to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and we will start a page to monitor the progress.

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