Pluribus Dialise sponsor Portuguese phrase cards

We are grateful to Pluribus Dialise, who have two dialysis centres in Portugal fo helping to produce the translations and sponsoring our Portuguese (European) phrase cards. 

The phrase guides cover key aspects and  topics likely to come up when you are dialysing in Portugal.  You will find the hrase guide to download for free in our downloads section of the site - we are expanding our range of guides extensively and they have now been moved to their own part of the downloads.

Pluribus Dialise has two centres, one in Cascais and the other in Sacavém. Cascais Dialysis Centre, ideally located near Lisbon and a good base for exploring

Cascais is a beautiful city near Lisbon and is ideal as a base for tourists.   Sacavém is well located too - we know that you will be assured of a friendly and professional welcome when you visit!

Both centres can be found on - the information about them is comprehensive and current.  We are grateful to them for their help and support in updating their data so that dialysis users can find everything they need to know to plan their visit. 

To book a session at one of the centres please contact Teresa Rapoula on 
Tel +351 217 121 740 | Fax +351 217 121 759 This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Sacavem dialysis centre - one of the Pluribus Dialysis group

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