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Several countries have reciprocal arrangements between them that will affect dialysis users.  We list updated information below as we come across it.  Please update us if you hear of updates to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Australia and the UK

For British citizens visiting Australia:

There is a reciprocal health arrangement in place and renal dialysis is covered under this scheme.  However, the dialysis needs to be carried out in a state facility AND needs to be arranged before you travel.

For Australians visiting the UK:

The reciprocal agreement with the UK allows Australian citizens and permanent residents to obtain free medical treatment under the NHS in certain circumstances. This agreement does not cover other countries in the European Union. For more information visit this website here.

Australians travelling to the UK for less than three months who wish to seek treatment under the reciprocal agreement first need to contact the NHS (telephone 0845 4647 or to check whether they are eligible for treatment under the agreement. Please note that Australians who have been in the UK for less than three months are unable to register at a local doctor's surgery for NHS treatment. Should medical assistance be required, you should go to the accident and emergency department at the nearest NHS hospital for treatment under the reciprocal health care agreement. Should hospital admission or specialist consultations be required, this can only be arranged by a doctor.

If you intend to stay in the UK longer than three months (residency, working, ancestry, highly skilled migrant or other visa), you may wish to register with a local doctor for the purpose of obtaining free treatment under the reciprocal health agreement. If you are having difficulty registering with a doctor, you can contact the NHS (telephone 0845 4647) and they will assist you to find a local doctor.

An increasing number of doctors in heavily populated areas (particularly in London) are reluctant to register visitors from Australia as temporary patients for the purpose of obtaining free treatment under the reciprocal agreement. The out-patient department at a hospital providing NHS treatment may accept an Australian for free treatment.

Further details are available from the United Kingdom Department of Health and Medicare Australia.

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