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By Russell England

22/11/01 - I haven't had the heart to finish this story since Val passed away. But I realised how important these pages are after receiving a lovely email from the daughter of an oxygen dependent patient. A copy of her email is here. If these stories can help just one person to go on holiday, then its all worth it.

Val was an exceptional person, she had so many problems but she was determined to go on this holiday. Its a measure of her incredible inner strength. She often joked that she wasn't going to die before the holiday and she didn't care if she died while she was there because she wouldn't have to sort it out. She passed away a week after we got back on the 9th July. Here is her dedication if you would like to read it. Thank you for all your messages of support.

Val and Me in Binibeca Vell - very hot day, hence the sun hats Val and me in the pool - great lilo chairs and a great villa.

We both loved Menorca, we had been twice before to Cala Galdana and Son Bou. But this was our first villa holiday and we were very excited about it. We went with Val's brother Graham and his wife Minnie.

We chose June so we could see the famous Festival of Saint John in the old capital of Ciutadella. Riders parade on black stallions around the city streets and rear up on their hind legs so that people can touch the horses heart for good luck. The festival originated from the liberation of Menorca by St John. We managed to go on the Saturday and by sheer coincidence saw them parade outside the hospital where Val was dialysing. We decided not to venture into the city - it was extremely busy and full of people but we were really pleased to see the horses. 

We tried to book dialysis at the end of 2000, but the hospital was unable to accept bookings until the following March. So we took the chance and booked the holiday anyway. 

View of pool from villa View of villa from road

We chose Santo Tomas because it is mostly flat and there are boardwalks right onto the beach. This made it ideal for the wheelchair. We eventually chose a villa from Club Menorca holidays, now called Open Holidays. The villa was called Villa Gabriella.

Clinica Menorca Clinica Menorca

For the energetic, there is an internet cafe in the Placa es Born. I paid all my bills while I was there and sent a couple of emails to friends about how hot it was.

Pedro, Val and Lourdes (That's Dr Lourdes Yuges, we all thought she was a nurse but she was a lovely and very caring nephrologist)

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